These links have been checked for current operation on January 2014 and at that time, not all sites were 'current' in that they had not been recently updated - see comments about the link. If any broken links are subsequently found, I would be obliged for an email alerting me as I have no wish to waste the time of visitors to this site. ON THIS PAGE: Restorers web sites and/or email addresses. For suppliers of spares and materials, click on the above button. GRILLES will take you to a page with examples of Sid Chaplin's grille fabrics - also accessible from the SUPPLIERS page.

I have received prompt, courteous service from many of the following sources, but please note that I have no connection with them in any way whatsoever other than as an occasional customer of some of the suppliers myself, or as an observer in the case of the sites. Information given on this page is mostly transcribed from text provided by the source mentioned or the site operators therefore, though offered in good faith, I take no responsibility for any loss incurred. The links are placed roughly in categories i.e. radios for sale, data, components etc, but many suppliers offer a comprehensive service and if you are in doubt it almost always will pay you to contact them by e-mail or telephone.

Title:  PCBWeb

URL: http://www.pcbweb.com

A free CAD application for designing and manufacturing 
electronics hardware.


Radiophile magazine now has a website. At the time of writing this, the site is still under development but there should soon be ways to subscribe, lists of auctions and workshops, back issue information, contact details and more. A welcome addition to the vintage radio scene on the internet.



If Bakelite interests you, whether radio cabinet or not, a visit to this site is an absolute must. Lots to read, filled with Jools' infectious good humour together with great pictures. Just the BEST there is. Take a look on


Be advised that there was great difficulty in accessing the site on a recent visit. If you find the link not working, copy the link and paste directly into your browser. That should bring the site up.


Many people ask how they can contact a reliable restorer for their vintage radio. If you need this service, check the section immediately below...


Contact the Vintage Vet in Leicester, UK for servicing and repairs to all valve audio and radio. Anything from a quick safety check to a full restoration can be carried out in our fully equipped workshop. We are pleased to offer FREE ADVICE and QUOTATIONS and all work carries a FULL 12 MONTH GUARANTEE.

vintage.vet(at)ntlworld.com or vintagevet09(at)gmail.com

Email:  (replace the '(at)' with '@'

Mobile: 07986 495793


Here is a useful resource to locate a host of other sites on subjects such as electrical engineering, systems engineering, electronics, engineering science and information technology. A brief look showed a site devoted to the history of the transistor and microchip - just one of the many fascinating resources to be found.

Well worth visiting.

 EE Times | Electronic Engineering Times | Connecting the Global Electronics Community


EE Times connects the global electronics community through news, analysis, education, and peer-to-peer discussion around technology, business, products and design.


Past Times Radio: www.pasttimesradio.co.uk

Another fine UK site! Lots of material to interest both the new and seasoned enthusiast. Vintage restorations are described along with a service sheet for the set in question - free download. Also, a growing collection of dial scans, used to reproduce broken dial glasses. Full restoration facilities are on offer and there's lots more to interest the vintage radio restorer and collector, including sets for sale, either in restorable form or ready restored and guaranteed. An attractive, quality UK site with an individual approach.

Radio Memories: http://www.radio-memories.co.uk/

Like many of us, Brian is a member of BVWS. His site is full of great pictures of vintage sets, especially with links to Radio Rentals. There's knowledgeable comment about the way the trade worked - especially in regard to the 'alternate' makes supplied to the lesser dealers! Lots to see, well set out, easily navigable and very professional in appearance. A museum, sales and service offers complete a full and absorbing trip down memory lane. Very, very nice stuff indeed.


Radio Luxembourg history is described in detail in this excellent web resource. A visit is highly recommended - an enjoyable and thought-provoking journey into the past. Nostalgia rules!



This is Paul Stenning's forum, a very useful source of information for any restorer of vintage radio and TV equipment. It has the benefit of being the first British forum and therefore has by far the largest membership of any UK forum. It is advisable to read the quite extensive forum rules before signing up and definitely before posting requests for help or attempting to sell items.


Golborne is a very friendly forum offering a warm welcome to all and is ideal for relaxed chat about vintage radios, TVs or for that matter lots of other stuff - old cars, metal and wood working, lathe turning, engineering and many other hobby activities find a place on this forum. The rules are minimal but considerate and well-mannered behaviour from all members is expected and assumed.



A must-see for the television enthusiast is Steve Pendlebury's OLD TELLYS site. At the time of checking (September 2015) the site had not been updated since 2007. Tons of stuff here for the 405 and 625 line collectors and restorers right up to early colour sets. Steve writes clearly and with authority - the mark of the professional, I think. Have your say in the forum, look around the gallery or learn a little about the subject on one of the many technical pages. Please note: at the time of checking (March 2018) no recent updates.


Paul Stenning: http://www.vintage-radio.com

 Paul operates an exceptionally large site, full of information and help for the vintage radio enthusiast. Valve radio theory, service information and valve data CD - ROMS are among the things offered. Another of the best sites for the subject to be found anywhere on the web, well worth a really good look. Lots of information and items on offer from an experienced and knowledgeable technologist and enthusiast. Excellent reviews of books and equipment, too. Paul's latest site update has increased the size considerably. Among the highlights is a novel and low-cost battery radio power supply, using a quadruple rectifier ladder to achieve HT voltage from a low voltage transformer. Well worth considering. Paul is well known for his excellent series of Vintage Radio circuit Data CD-ROMS. He has recently published his volume three CD. TO READ THE REVIEW: VINTAGE RADIO CIRCUIT DATA No.2 and 3, Click on 'Things to Read' for a full review of these invaluable CD-ROMs. Visit Paul's site for details of his high quality products and an enjoyable, educational look at a superb example of how web sites should look.  



Now based in New Zealand. A very useful site, offering lots of spares and other items to NZ customers. Well organised too, with much to interest the enthusiast.


British Vintage Wireless Society: http://www.bvws.org.uk

 If you're into clubs, this is one of the best.



The theme of the site is the work of Gilbert Davey, author of 'Fun with Radio' and other books, and a children's TV broadcaster. The site is tastefully presented and the text is literate and very readable. It is truly a pleasure to find such a classy website as this. Now updated with even more information! See for yourself - you won't regret spending the time to visit.


Source for circuit diagrams


 Schematics are the language of electronics. A schematic provides a concise and comprehensive diagrammatic description of a circuit.
Schematics.com allows users to connect and share designs and ideas in a
like-minded community.

All the above sites have been checked for content and found to be both of interest to the vintage radio enthusiast and to be clear of any item likely to cause offence at the time of checking. No responsibility will be accepted by Vintage Radio World for errors and problems beyond our control. Please bear in mind that web sites and web providers vary enormously in terms of advertising content and ethical matters. If your browser or firewall warns of danger, it is safest to steer clear.

There are very many more sites than the small selection shown. A 'Google' will bring most to light.