Ferguson:      (see also 'Thorn', 'BRC')   

NOTE: Ferguson, Ultra, Marconiphone and HMV were, for many post-war years,  brands of  BRC (Thorn) and some chassis are common to two or more of these brand names, especially radiograms and record players. If you cannot be sure of your model or cannot find it within this list, look for a label with a number, often attached to the inside of the cabinet wall or bonded to the rear of the dial plate. The number will refer to the chassis production schedule. Use this to locate your receiver under 'Thorn' or 'BRC'.

Email for assistance if in doubt

FMA1 (VHF/FM adapter), FMA11, 2O3ULL, 203U, 205B, 207, 207A, 207L, 207U, 208U, 209A, 209L, 209U, 213RG, 215B, 217RG, 219A, 219L, 228RG, 238A, 238L, 238U, 258B, 259A, 259L, 259U, 268RG, 269RG, 272RG, 288RG, 289A, 289L,  299RG, 300RG, 321U, 321A, 321A, 322RG, 322URG, 323RG, 325A, 325U, 326RG, 326URG, 327URG, 327RG, 327URG, 329A, 341BU, 342BU, 343BU, 344B “Flair”, 346B “Flair II”, 348BT, 349BT, 350, 351U, 352U, 353A, 353U, 354U, 356A, 356B, 356U, 357BT, 358BT,365RG, 366, 372A, 373RG, 374RG, 375RG, 376RG, 377RG, 378AC, 378 Universal, 378RG, 379RG, 382U “Firefly”, 383A “Fleur-De-Lis”, 384U, 385RG“Favourite”, 387RG, 388A “Futura”, 389RG 'Felicity', 391RG, 393G, 395G “Flamenco”, 396SG, 397G, 398RG, 400RG, 400URG, 401RG, 403, 403RG, 433, 441TR, 442TR, 445TR, 450, 453, 453B1, 461, 601RG 'Futurama', 602RG “Fergusonic”, 611U, 603RG “Felicity 11”, 604RG “Futurama 11”,621U, 622U, 623RG, 624RG, 625U, 626BT, 627U, 653RG, 658RG, 661, 771, 774, 906B, 908 “Fergusonic Mains Minor”, 909 “Fergusonic SW Mains Minor”, 910 “Mains Minor”, 3006, 3006 Mk 2, 3014, 3020, 3022, 3024 “Stereominor”, 3026, 3040, 3041, 3100, 3102, 3110, 3128 “Fieldsman”, 3130, “Gemini 6”, 3132”Flight”, 3136 “Freelance”, 3138”Freshman”, 3140 ”AutotwinMk2”, 3148 “President”, 3152, 3156, 3158, 3160, 3162 “Autotwin”, 3163, 3165, 3166, 3167, 3168, 3170, 3200, 3202, 3204, 3206, 3210, 3214, 3218, 3222, 3224, 3226, 3232, 3234, 3236, 3236 Sch C, 3238, 3247, 3302, 3316, 3324, 3330, 3334, 3357, 3401, 3920, 3930 “Fortune”, 4411P, 4421P, 5001W, 6361

Ferguson original maker’s manuals:

 Series 50 stereogram chassis, Series 72 tuner-amplifier (stereogram chassis), Series 73 tuner-amplifier (stereogram chassis), Series 74 tuner-amplifier (stereogram chassis), Series 78 tuner-amplifier (stereogram chassis). NOTE: The above chassis manuals are best used in conjunction with the particular Ferguson, Ultra, HMV or Marconi model. 238A, 238L, 238U, 258B, 268RG, 272RG, 276RG, 288RG, 289A, 289L, 321A, 321U, 322RG, 322URG, 323RG, 325A, 325U, 325RG, 326RG, 327URG, 327RG, 329A, 342BU, 343BU, 344B, 346B 'Flair II', 348BT, 349BT, 351U, 352U, 353A, 353U, 354U, 356A, 356U, 356B, 357BT, 365RG, 372A, 373RG, 374RG, 375RG, 376, 277, 377RG, 378RG, 379RG, 382U, 383A, 384U, 385RG, 387RG, 388A, 389RG, 391RG, 392 'Fan', 393G, 394G 'Fortune II', 395G 'Flamenco', 396SG, 397G, 399, 400RG, 401RG, 403, 433, 441TR, 442TR, 445TR, 453, 601RG, 602RG, 603RG, 604RG, 611U, 621U, 622U, 623RG, 624RG, 625U, 626BT, 627U, 632, 653RG, 656RG, 658RG, 659RG, 660, 661, 3006, 3014, 3026, 3040, 3108, 3200, 3316, 3465, 3475, 3920


Arcadia all-wave (1936/7), 005, 005A, 005E, 005ME, 045, 105, 105A, 105E, 105ME, 115, 125, 1237B, 139, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 194, 215, 225, 245, 239, 248, 255, 345, 345F, 347, 355, 405, 405A, 405E, 405LP, 415, 415LP, 425, 435, 447, 455, 505, 515, 525, 545, 546, 547, 5503, 615, 648, 745, 746, 815, 825, 915, 925, 945, 955, 1055, A1016, A1149, AR15, ARG1014, ARG11098 (see also Ekco ARG423), BPT1030, BT1037, Lancastria, (1935/36), M55, Magna (1936/37), Nova (1935/36), Nova (1936/37), PT1010, PT1030, PT1031, PT1056, Parva (1936/37),  “Fidelio”, RP1O42, RP1105 (see also Ekco RP429), RT1044,  SRG 1036, SRG1073 (see also Ekco SRG395), SRG1120 (see also Ekco SRG431), SRG1131, SRG1132 (see also Ekco SRG439),U1032, U1033, U1040, U1103, 445, 546, 547, 746, 815, 855, 5501, 5503, 5701, A1143, Gloria, MBT1089, MBT110I Wayfarer”, P1141, PT1010, PT1030, PT1056, PT1065, PT1076, PT1127, RP1008, RP1022, RP1029,  RP1O35, RP1042, RP1088 (see also Ekco RP411) RP1106, RT1044, RT1069, SRG439, SRG1O90, SRG1132, SRG1144, SRG1145, SU1014, SU1022, U1003, U1015, U1032, U1033, UNA, Universal Superhet  

Ferranti original maker’s manuals:

PT1010, U1015, RP1105 (see also Ekco RP429 ‘Teenager’), SRG1131, SRG1132 (see also Ekco SRG439), SRG1120 (see also Ekco SRG431), U1032, PT1056, U1033, BT1037, PT1031, PT1065, PT1030, RP1029, RP1042, RP1088 (see also Ekco RP411), ARG1098 (see also Ekco ARG423), SRG1073 (see also Ekco SRG395), SRG1036, ARG1014, SU1014, RP1035, RP1022, SU1022, RT1069, RT1044, 1055


Argyll Minor, Argyll Major, Ayr, Coronet, Fairline, Floret, Florida, HF17, HF37, Comet, Duet, Playmaster, Playmaster Major, RAD1 1, RAD12, RAD15, RAD16, RG26, RG27, UA1, UA2, UA3, UA4, UA8

Fidelity original maker's manual:


Fisher: original maker's manual:

MT-M46 auto turntable


1960 Manual Model, 1960 Push-Button Model


209, 210, A16, Autoslim, RC60, RC65, RC65A, RC70, RC75A, RC80, RC80M, RC110, RC500, SRPI0, model M

Garrard original maker's manuals:

RC120 mk II, RC121MkII




AC Super 4, All-Wave 6, AVC6, Battery TRF Three, BC1255, BC 1452, BC1452, BC1650, BC3248, BC3248L, BC3248L, BC3630, BC3630L, BC3631, BC3645, BC3736, BC3740, BC3740L, BC3748, BC3748L, BC3760, BC3762, BC3946, BC3950, BC3960, BC3964, BC3968, BC402, BC403, BC4040, BC4050, BC4054, BC4056, BC4058, BC4066, BC4070, BC4444, BC4448, BC4450, BC4644, BC4650, BC4655, BC4750, BC4750L, BC4758, BC4758R, BC4835 “Compact”, BC4835R, BC4850, BC4855, BC4940, BC4940L, BC4941, BC4945, BC4956, BC4O1, BC4O5, BC501, BC502, BC504, BC505, BC5050, BC5050L, BC5054, BC5055, BC5060, BC5060L, BC5068, BC5068L, BC5070, BC5070L, BC5145LR, BC5145R, BC5243, BC5244, BC5245, BC5246, BC5441, BC5441L, BC5441L, BC5442, BC5442L, BC5444, BC5444L, BC5445, BC561, BC562, BC563, BC5639, BC5639L, BC564, BC5645, BC5835, BC5837, BC5837L, BC5839, BC5839L, BC5842, BC6242, BC6243, BC6245, BC6447, BC6638, BC7443, BC7443R, BC7445, BC9041, BC9239, BC9439, BC9442, BC9637, BC9638, BC9640, BC9835, BT2147, BT4541, BT5144, DC5, DC-AC4, Fidelity S.W. 5, G701, G806, G808, G816, G817, G818 “Luxembourg”, G820, G822 “Transistormatic”, G824 “Gemini”, G825, G826, G827, G828, G832, G834, G838, G971, G972, G979, G983, G988, G991, Superhet AC4, Superhet Battery 4, Transportable 5, 2817  


A50, A63


Tape Recorder (record player attachment)


200, 2043/W/3D, 2068/3D, 3028/W/3D, Cub, Marlborough, Microboy, Miniboy,  Pembroke, TK1, TK120, TKl21, TK400, TK5 Reporter, TK5 Mk 2, TK8/3D, TK9 Reporter, TK14, TK20, TK23, TK25, TK30, TK35, TK40, TK820/3D,  TM20, 200, 700 “Party Boy”, 700C, 1100 “Concert Boy”, 2000 “Satellit”, 1159E ‘Teddy Boy’, C2001L, C2500L, Satellit 210, Transistor 6001